20160825_210418  My name is Mike and I write this blog to share my experiences, custom fixes, and knowledge about SharePoint. I try to focus on topics or problems others have be reluctant to blog about, or that I just can’t find anything on. My job title is Senior SharePoint Consultant, and I have been working exclusively with SharePoint since January 2009.

If you have a question about anything you’ve read, you can post a comment, or you can email me at: mcantin@live.com

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  1. Hi Mike. I was planning to post a link to one of your articles on twitter and I’d like to give you credit, but I don’t see your full name or Twitter handle here.

  2. Hi Mike

    I noted your hint on StackExchange on displaying WEB Apps Horizontally on a Zone, but am unsure as to where and how to make this amendment in SPD 2013. In 2010 apparently it was simple due to a dialog box feature but 2013 you need to delve into code which is not for the faint hearted. Would like to do this without crashing the Site and wondered if you could provide some hints as to how this is done in SPD 2013.

    • SPD 2013 removes the ability to view Design mode. There have been lots of talks about this and many in the SharePoint community were not happy about the change to “just code view”. Anyway, if you search for the webpart tag, you should be able to change in code view. Make sure you check out the page before you edit it. If you break the page, you can just discard checkout. Open the page in advanced edit mode, and in the page, find the tag:


      if you find a parameter called "Orientation", change it to horizontal, otherwise you can add the parameter like so:

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